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Candied Rose Petals

Just reading an old book about the meaning of flowers and came across the following recipe for “candied rose petals”. I’m going to give it a try with Elizabeth and will let you all know the results…

~Amy Auwaerter

Candied Violets and Roses
Fresh Violet Blossoms or Rose Petals
Egg Whites
Sugar, finely granulated

1. Pick flowers fresh in the early morning. Gently wash and pat dry.
2. Pour the sugar into one bowl. Beat the egg whites into another bowl.
3. Carefully dip the flowers and petals into the egg whites. Then roll in sugar, being sure to cover all sides adequately.
4. Set the petals/flowers on a cookie sheet to dry in a warm place.
5. Store in a rectangular plastic container with waxed paper between layers. They will last for several days.
6. Leaves of herbs such as lemon verbena and mint may be candied in the same way.