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hurricane irene…and your garden

Buzzy has had a fantastic summer – riding the waves in Duck, NC.  Fortunately, this pic was from a somewhat calm week at the beginning of August.  Can’t imagine what the waves are looking like right now.  The surf-dog knows no boundries, Karl should try him on a long board.

Well, this article is about preparing for Hurricane Irene right here on the south shore.  It’s Thursday, too early to tell what will happen.  But hey, we had an earthquake, maybe we should all prepare for the worst case scenario…

Here are some suggested storm preparations to protect your landscape.
Take a look at your yard and survey the potential damage that might occur if a powerful storms hit our community.

1. Take pictures of your yard before and after the storm.
2. Be sure to prune any dead branches or oversized limbs.
3. Bring container plants inside shed or home or mass together in protected spot.
4. Lay over any large plantings that can not be easily moved.
5. Lay over statuary, bird baths…take down hanging baskets, bird feeders, etc.
6. Secure patio furniture and other items that might blow.
7. If possible stake trees planted in ground that you suspect may blow over.
8. Clean out gutters and make sure downspouts are draining.
9. Fill up outside barrels, garbage pails and watering cans with water for future use.
10. Just before storm, turn off pond pumps & feed fish. Water plants that might be dry.
11. After storm, rinse off plants to remove any salt water that might damage them.
12. If flooding from salt water occurred, water heavily with fresh water to dilute.

If you have any other questions just ask  karl@bayportflower.com.  We’ll be here.