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Picking the Right Container (Pot)

Pick the right Pot!
There are many choices when it comes to container gardening or indoor décor…picking the right one will ensure years of enjoyment.

 Terra Cotta Clay
~Classic look
~Great drainage and breathability
~Perfect for plants that do not like to be wet…such as Gardenias, Citrus and Cactus
~Not suitable for winter outdoor use
~Grows moss on pot and can shows slat deposits on outside of pot with age.
~You can spray buttermilk on pot to speed up moss growth
~Very long lasting pot…great for plants that remain in pot for years.
~Potting soils- all types, except use compost enriched potting soil when used outdoors

Glazed Ceramic Pottery
Stunning colors and designs
Frost resistant…good for out door use if you follow these rules:
            If possible remove soil during winter
            If not make sure soil is very well drained and the drainage hole is open
            Keep pots off the damp ground with pot feet, bricks, slate etc.
            Be sure to remove saucers in winter months
            Pots with cylinder, vase or tulip shaped are best for winter durability
            Expect pots to last 4-6 years or more outdoors with proper care
Glaze prevents rapid drying- great for thirsty plants
Potting soils- all well drained types…for outdoors winter use compost enriched with pebbles or the like on the bottom to improve drainage.

Plastic Pots

Lightweight, easy to move…generally least expensive.
Not too durable, becomes brittle with age…thin wall types last about 2 years outside.
Retains moisture in soil…good for mixed planting that require lots of water
Wide range of colors and shapes
Potting Soil- all types but be sure to use a well drained professional potting mix indoors

Metal Urns and Pots
Extremely durable…may require painting over the years (some prefer rust look though)
Estate, Classic look
Heavy and Expensive…but worth it.
Acts much like plastic in retaining water
Great for year round planting
Potting Soil- Use a durable long lasting soil such as Hampton Estate Potting Soil

 Fiberglass and Poly Resin
Lightweight and durable
Great for plants that need to be moved indoors in the winter.
Molded into many shapes
Can mimic metal or terra cotta look
Winter durable with proper drainage
Retains moisture well
Potting Soil- All well drained potting soils work

Great rustic look
Paintable for Color Matching
Cedar, red wood last longest. Treated wood can injury plants…make sure to age it first
Ok to line to enhance lifespan…but not necessary. Will last unlined about 5-8 years
Best to allow wood to breath…keep outside of wood out of direct contact with dampness
Breathable…some plants root onto wood and derive nutrients for wood.
Make great window boxes
Potting soil- can use lightweight types (no compost) to keep weight down when hanging on house…otherwise all type are good…compost enriched good for barrels. Make sure holes are drilled in bottoms- you can never drill enough holes!

Concrete and Stone
Very durable
Estate feel
Can be very heavy
Great for all season plantings
Come in many shapes and sizes
Breathable – keeps soil cool in summer too
Concrete is paintable
Potting soil- use compost enriched for outdoor use…helps to retain moisture.

Moss, Coconut and Fiber pots
Mimics natural soil growing condition
Very natural look
Plants root into it and will form a great looking topiary in hanging baskets
Works well for lining metal wire frame containers
Potting Soil- all types- may want to use the lightweight pro potting mix in hanging baskets to lessen the weight of the overall basket.